Lake Bohinj

  • swimming,
  • rowing and SUP,
  • sailing,
  • surfing,
  • kayaking or canoeing,
  • diving,
  • ice skating in winter,
  • trail of the Zlatorog fairytale,
  • panoramic boat rides on the lake,
  • walk around Lake Bohinj,
  • paragliding,
  • Adrenaline park, and
  • Gondola ride with a view of Lake Bohinj.


Trails directly from our apartments:

  • Črna prst,
  • Rudnica,
  • Možic
  • Senožeta
  • Dobrava
  • Trails of the Rapal boarder / Soriška planina
  • Triglav,
  • Valley of the Triglav’s Seven Lakes,
  • Komna,
  • Vogel,
  • Vogar,
  • Soriška planina, and
  • Juliana Trail.


  • Bohinj cycling route,
  • Cycling to the Savica waterfall,
  • By bike along Pokljuka,
  • Bohinjsko sedlo / Soriška planina,
  • By train to Most na Soči and by bike via Podbrdo and return to Bohinjska Bistrica
    over Bohinjsko sedlo.


Natural Attractions

  • Lake Bohinj and Lake Bled.
  • Savica Waterfall,
  • Mostnica Gorge and Waterfall,
  • Bistrica River Source,
  • Triglav National Park,
  • Govic Waterfall and Cave
  • Triglavski Valley (Seven) lakes,
  • Sava Bohinjka river, and
  • Numerous vantage points (Peč lookout, Vodnik lookout point …).

Cultural Heritage

  • Church of Sv. Of St. John the Baptist,
  • Statue of Zlatorog by the lake,
  • Monument to the four men of the heart,
  • Planar museum,
  • Bohinj’s “toplarji”,
  • Tomaž Godec Museum (50m from us),
  • Oplen’s house in Studor,
  • Ajdovski Gradec,
  • Zois’ Manor with a clock tower (100m from us),
  • tourist cheese trail,
  • Beekeeping trail,
  • Bohinj’s mountain trail, and
  • Slovenian geological trail.

Sports Enthusiasts

  • Alpine and Tour skiing (Vogel, Soriška planina, Zatrnik …),
  • Cross-country skiing (100m from the apartments is a cross-country skiing trail Bohinjska Bistrica – Dobrava, Pokljuka, mountain Zajavornik, Srednja Vas),
  • Port Climbing,
  • Tennis,
  • Beach Volleyball,
  • Adrenaline Park,
  • Rafting,
  • Canyoning,
  • Kayaking and Canoeing,
  • SUP –ing,
  • Riding, and
  • Skating in Bohinjska Bistrica.


  • Bled Castle,
  • Rafting on the lake,
  • Visit to Bled Island and the Church of the Assumption of Mary,
  • Viewpoints Ojstrica, Mala and Velika Osojnica,
  • Cave under Babji Zob,
  • Riding with Fijakers,
  • Golf, and
  • Dino Park Bled.


Fly fishing and trophy fish in crystal clear water in one of the most famous areas in Slovenia.

District 1: Lake Bohinj
(fishing season from 1.3. to 14.11.)

District 2: Sava Bohinjka
(fishing season from 1.6. to 14.11.)

District 3: Mostnica River
(fishing season from 1.6. to 14.11.)

Hunting for huchen over the winter.

Pokljuka, Lake Bohinj, Soriška planina – Hop-on Hop-off Bus (150m away from the apartments).

We recommend

Picnic and swimming by Lake Bohinj

Lake Bohinj is the largest natural lake in Slovenia. The magical nature that surrounds it and many opportunities for activities are a paradise for relaxation at the entrance of the Triglav National Park. The path around Lake Bohinj is 12 km long, and everyone can find their private corner by the shore.

The Savica Waterfall

The Savica waterfall originates in the steep wall of Komarča and is the source of the Sava Bohinjka river. It comes to the fore at an altitude of 836m and is 78m high, with 553 steps leading to it.

 Water flows from the Valley of the Triglav Lakes and Soriška planina. The waterfall is one of the biggest sights in Slovenia, so anyone who is brought to this beautiful valley should visit it. It is especially beautiful at dawn when the sun’s rays illuminate the falling water and a rainbow forms at the waterfall. These are moments of magic! 

Mount Vogar

Vogar (1054 m above sea level) is the most eastern peak of the ridge above the northern shore of Lake Bohinj. It has become a popular excursion point precisely because of the beautiful views and the mountain lodge. It is also a starting point for paragliders. Lying in the grass, a beautiful view of Lake Bohinj and a visit to the shepherd’s huts are the main reasons to visit Vogar. To imprint your memories, find the bench of love and take the memories in the photo home.

Bridge Troughs and Voje Waterfall

The crystal clear Mostnica carved into the rocks a two-kilometre-long trough along which a beautiful and undemanding excursion path leads just above Lake Bohinj. The water has formed a beautiful riverbed with many pools, waterfalls and ridges. The most curious ones will continue their journey through the beautiful Voja valley to the Mostnica waterfall. On hot days and when the water splashes, we will experience all the colourful symphonies in the troughs, and it is especially nice to close our eyes and hug our loved ones by the water. Try it! We have already.

Panorama Vogel

The Ski Resort Vogel enchants us both in summer and winter with an impressive view of Lake Bohinj and a breath-taking view of the Julian Alps. In winter, Vogel offers many ski slopes that take us all the way to the lake. In summer it is a starting point for hikers and those who just want to enjoy the views. We recommend a flight in tandem with a paraglider or simply a visit to the viewpoints of Vogel.

By boat on Lake Bohinj

Experience Lake Bohinj and its surroundings from a different perspective, observe mountains and forests without worries and looking at the road, indulge in a calm lake and sail with electric boats Zlatorog and Triglav flower. The boats have several exit points that you can connect to your excursions by the lake. You can also prepare a surprise for your loved ones on the ship or book it for the most beautiful day of your life. The Triglav villas promise the newlyweds common happiness for life.

Sightseeing Cycling

Bohinj and its surroundings are a popular destination for all cycling enthusiasts. It offers families pleasant cycling on paved and marked paths that will take you past many natural and cultural sights. For those who want more, the panoramic paths lead higher under the peaks of the Julian Alps, where breath-taking views open up. We have already cycled many of these routes, so we promise you that Bohinj will not leave you indifferent.

The Bohinj Water Park

For all those who find the water in the lake and river too cold, or the weather prevents you from doing so, we recommend a visit to the Bohinj Water Park. In the complex you will find all the slides for children and parents who want to relax in the thermal world.



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