Basket for getting around

Do you dream of a romantic picnic by the lake or on a meadow, where your love of life is surrounded by millions of flowers?

You can eat a basket in the apartment, on the terrace by the stream, by the nearby river Sava Bohinjka on a picnic blanket that we will take care of, on a nearby meadow or forest clearing and of course at sunset on the shores of Lake Bohinj. Let your romantic imagination go its own way, mother nature its charm and the gourmet delicacies of the surrounding growers and a glass of good champagne in the beautiful nature of Bohinj to create unforgettable shared memories for you.

We pre-order the following baskets:

Basket “na lepš” / for getting around (for 2)

Basket “family picnic”

Backpack for “the trip”

For all those who will find their place on a bike or in the surrounding hills (Vogar, Vogel).

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